Who We Are:


Set In Stone Foundation, Inc. mentoring program is a non-profit organization founded in Jacksonville, FL.  Being an educator in the public school system, I feel that many of our young ladies are being misguided by peer pressure and negative outside influences. The adverse effect of this is they began to perform low academically, have attendance issues, and develop behavior problems. The need for a positive mentoring program is essential in bridging the gap between home, school and community. By instilling positive morals and values into our young ladies they learn how to hold themselves in high regard by building character, increasing self-esteem and improving their academic performance. The program was developed for girls who possess potential for leadership and academic achievement. It is designed to help build image and increase self- esteem in girls.


Our Mission:


It is our mission to instill high standards for academic success, integrity, leadership and responsible citizenship.


Our Vision:


Our overall vision is to develop self-sufficient, motivated and determined young ladies who will become productive individuals within their community.


Curriculum Overview:


The program will use its own curriculum entitled “Discovering The Real Me”. The curriculum is designed to cover the following objectives: self-esteem and self-image building, self- worth, personal hygiene, etiquette, goal setting, money management, friendship, family, healthy living, entrepreneurship and community service.




We will provide our girls with positive role models who will give them support and encouragement.


The purpose of the program is to:


• Provide individual and group mentoring programs.

• Provide tutoring services to promote and ensure academic growth.

• Create action plans to ensure successful outcomes.

• Partner with other groups and organizations that have related mission and purpose in order to ensure successful implementation of the program.

• Incorporate life skills training.

• Provide job coaching and transitional resources

• Provide an extensive health and fitness program

• Provide continued support from home to school


Sponsorships and Donations:


We welcome support from businesses and individuals to help make this program a success.


"It is our mission to instill high standards for academic success, integrity, leadership and responsible citizenship."

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